Pyrobloc Module


 Faster insulation
 Reduced shrinkage compared to layered lining
 Low heat storage
 Superior to thermal stability and shock resistance
 The resilient blanket is resistant to mechanical damage
 It is versatile and the modules can easily be cut, on the site to suit awkward configurations


 High temperature furnace
 Kiln and heater linings
 Coil annealing furnaces
 Re heat furnace doors lining
 Process heaters lining
 Ammonia reformers and crude oil heaters lining
 Shuttle kiln
 Tunnel kilns


Pyrofold “M” refractory fibre modules are lightweight, insulating linings made in block form for direct attachment to industrial furnace and kiln shells. Pyrofold “M” Modules are made from high quality needled Blanket, pre-compressed to a specific density, and held in position with stainless steel reinforcement and mounting hardware made up of tubes positioned within the folds and connected by yoke on the cold face of the module These prefabricated modules are designed to meet the thermal insulation requirements of high temperature furnaces.
During installation, the modules are further compressed, the resilience of the fibre and recovery ensuring tightly-compressed inter-modular joints.

Density kg/m3>160
Chemical composition1260 C1425 C

Availability & Packaging

 Standard sizes: 300mm Thick X 300 mm width X 300 mm length
The modules can be made with other sizes and densities are available on request