Unikote M


Easily applied over weld on or Module hot face and furnace top floors.
Adhere readily to fibre modules during the thermal cycling process.
Reduces module shrinkage by keeping the hot face “tight”.
Guards the ceramic fibre Module against metal oxide, chemical and contaminant attack.
Protects against the velocity damage and erosion from particulate matter.
Excellent resistance to chemical attack exceptions includes hydrochloric acid, Phosphoric acid and strong alkalies.


Classification temperature: 1425 ° C


Applied over weld on or veneering modules hot face surface.
Used to reduce airborne fibre or other refractory particles.
Coil annealing furnaces
Re heat furnace doors lining
Process heaters lining
Ammonia reformers and crude oil heaters lining
Shuttle kiln
Tunnel kilns


Unikote M is a refractory coating material designed to provide a protective surface layer over ceramic fibre modules. Unikote M is for high to medium temperature, gas fired furnaces where contaminants are not severe.


Standard sizes: 5, 10, 25 and 50 kgs