TJM Insulation Bricks


CT firebricks are made from high-purity refractory clays, temperature of use ranging from 1100 oC to 1700 oC, each grade is formulated to meet specific thermal and physical requirements.
With graduated additions of alumina for higher temperature products
Carefully grade d organic filler
The organic filler burns out during manufacture to give a uniform, control pore structure.


Low thermal conductive, low heat storage
Good thermal insulation, enable the use of thin-walled constructions
The good alumina contents confer good refractoriness
Low iron and alkali fluxcontent contributes to their stability to reducing atmosphere
These can be machined to special shapes, incurring fewer sections and joints


Low thermal conductitive
Gives good thermal insulation, enable the use of thin-walled constructions.


Recommended for use as primary hot face refractory lining or as back-up insulation behind other refractories in furnaces, kiln, flues, heaters, regenerators, stress relieving furnaces,etc