Kaowool Paper


Ceramic firber Papers are manufactured from high purity refractory fibres and designed for high temperature insulation. Advanced production techniques ensure uniform fibre distribution and close control of thickness and density.
Papers are being produced from Alumina silicate fibres with minimum addition of carefully selected Bonds, which burn out cleanly in service.
All grades of Blok 607 receive a water repellence treatment to prevent absorption of water or concrete binders.
The panels must be installed so that the side with the product name is in contact with the concrete. When tested on this side, Blok 607 is classified as non hydrophilic (NF P 75-305).
Thicknesses over 50mm are obtained by bonding together two thinner sheets


i Standard sizes: 500 mm width X 1000 mm length
i Standard sizes: 1000 mm width X 1000 mm length


i High flexibility
i Good resistance to tearing
i Precise thickness
i Resistance to thermal shock
i Very low thermal conductivity


i STD Paper : 1260 ° C
i AZS Paper : 1400 ° C


i Insulating gaskets
i Expansion joints
i Die cut gaskets for domestic appliances
i Gaskets , seals & parting media
i Ladle lining back up
i Mould liners
i Thermal barrier for vehicles(Silencers, catalytic exhaust and heat shields)
i Parting media
i Heat loss reduction in sub entry nozzle