bulk fiber

Bulk Fibre


STD/Cera: Refractory fibre made from alumina and silica.
AZS/Cerachem: Refractory fibre made from Alumina, Silica and Zironia. All above fibres are resistant to chemical attack, except for hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and strong alkalies.


i Excellent Thermal stability :resist devitrification at high Temperature
i Low thermal conductivity
i Excellent thermal shock resistance
i Excellent chemical stability
i High resiliency
i Good sound absorption
i Low heat storage capacity


i STD : 1260 ° C
i AZS : 1425 ° C
i CERA : 1260 ° C
i CERACHEM : 1425 ° C
The Maximum use temperature depends on the application.
In case of doubt, refer to MMTCL Technical service for advice.


i Raw material for the manufacturing finished products such as Boards, Shapes, Paper and Yarn etc.
i Expansion joints, Patching and emergency repairs in furnaces, Boilers, Heaters etc.
i Loose insulating fill for crowns and walls of kilns and furnaces.
i Packing material for temporary repair of insulation
i Precursor for engineered fibres


i All Bulk fibres are delivered in 20 Kgs / 25 Kgs bags (or) in cartons of 16 Kgs.